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Play the FIRST regulated Arcade Casino Game!

Play the FIRST regulated Arcade Casino Game! Take aim and fire in our hot new random shooter slot game Air Fighter! The game features five aerial dog fight sequences, featuring 83 aircraft for you to shoot down. Each time you shoot down a plane you will win a prize and if you blow up the Big Boss Plane you will stand a chance to win a progressive jackpot! The game features realistic combat and rapid fire action, with up to 5 different guns to pick from, giving you a chance to put your aerial strategy to the test! Will you fall for a Pugachev Turn?


The game is a fixed odds game with a random chance of winning , so therefore no skill is required. The Return To Player (RTP) is 96.50%. Players will first choose which game room to enter. Each game room has a base Bet Value (per bullet) from the following options:
£0.10, £0.20, £0.30, £0.50, £0.70, £1.00

Player aim the gun towards plane and fires bullets at the planes. A bullet is a Bet and each plane has a different value which is won by the player when the plane is destroyed. When a Bullet is fired, the player balance on screen is reduced by the value of the bullet fired but the player's wallet will not yet be reduced by the Bet Value of the Bullet. When the bullet hits the plane the players wallet is reduced by the value of the Bullet (the Bet) and the Bet is placed.

If the game is interrupted, then any Bullets not having hit a plane would not be recorded as a Bet and therefore would not have been deducted from the player wallet or recorded in game History and so will not need to be refunded.

Fighter Jets

Planes with a Win Value less than the Bullet Bet value will be greyed out and cannot be hit or won. If a bullet hits a symbol and the Bet value of the Bullet is lower than the Symbols Win value then the Bet value of the Bullet will be refunded to the displayed player balance. If the player holds down the fire button it will fire continuously at a default frequency rate or as set by player in Settings window (see Firing Speed) but no less than 0.2 s.
Increasing the Gun Size does not increase the pay table but does improve the probability of winning a prize. There are 5 Gun Sizes which multiply the Bullet Bet as follows; x1, x2, x3, x5 or x10. Increasing the Gun Size will multiply the Bullet Bet as in the following example:

  • Room Value £0.20
  • Gun Value x1
  • Bullet Bet Value = £0.20pX1 which is £0.20
  • Room Value £0.50
  • Gun Value x5
  • Bullet Bet Value = £0.50X5 which is £2.5

Mobile minimum specs

For a better playing experience mobile devices should have 2GB or more of RAM memory.



The contribution taken from each bet to feed the progressive jackpot is 1/525. The jackpot seed value is £10,000.
The jackpot is awarded to only one player at a time. Player selects one treasure box after shooting down the boss jet, and gets a chance to win a boss prize multiplier or Jackpot.
There will be four treasure boxes appearing on the screen after shooting down a Boss Fighter Jet
The Jackpot is in one of the treasure boxes, open it and you may win the Jackpot.

Pick 4 Feature

If the player hits the super boss plane then the following will occur:
The player wallet will be credited with the value of the super boss plane.
The player will enter the Pick 4 Feature where the player will pick 1 of 4 boxes and win a prize of x800, x600, x400, x200.
The progressive jackpot is randomly awarded after the player has picked a box from the Pick 4 Feature.